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Why I got a Divorce| The Other Woman (proof) Pt 2

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Understand My Life Better

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Husband Demands Divorce In Letter, His Wife Brilliant Reply Makes Him Regret Every Word

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40 thoughts on “Why I got a Divorce| The Other Woman (proof) Pt 2

  1. Blanca Hernandez

    Your so pretty and you deserve to be happy 💞

  2. Nick Selman

    I hope you fine some one better

  3. Xaviera Poole

    Did anyone just miss the fact that an orb flew right into the camera and then the camera died???? Could have been a ghost that used up all the energy!!! Btw you are extremely brave for coming out and telling your stories!!

  4. Shania Steinmetz

    Is anyone else driven crazy by her hair put into her ear by her headphone 🙈🙈

  5. The Kit Tinsley

    Less than 30 seconds in "So….. I was a bitch" GIIIIRRRLLLL STORY OF MY LIFE HAHAHAHAHAHA Subbed.

  6. Precious0225

    I loved how honest you were in the video, marriage is hard. Alot goes on behind closed doors, and no one understands that. I enjoyed your video.

  7. Amorette Montoya

    Honestly Taylor I’m glad you left him you deserve way better. I had an ex boyfriend like that all he would do was lie and lie, make me feel bad, was controlling and then I found out he cheated so I left.


    you have not done any thing wrong it's him he sould not be ringing any woman at night your lucky he didn't bring her back and move her in like my husbands ex wife did

  9. Zombiisugar

    Subscribed. Fuck your ex. Piece of shit. You're gorgeous!

  10. Fur Babies

    I love what you said at the end <3 <3 . Just had a big fight with the person that I love the most in this world and you are so right. There's no reason to stay mad and keep your ego up with the one you're truly deeply in love with. Communication is the key!

  11. Ashley Bellerose

    Yeah. You called him fat, that is low. I would regret that too. I understand you girl. I said a really horrible thing to my husband. I wish I could take them back and words can not even begin to fix it.. I love him more than anything. :(.

    moving on, my ex called me fat when I left him and he ruined me. i have eating disorders and stuff.

  12. melissa garza

    Im happy you got through it ♥️ its crazy how when we are in love when do crazy things beyond what we imagined we are capable of

  13. Kyla G

    Kyla G
    I personally don’t think you were crazy for showing up at your ex husbands brothers house just to see your ex. You were both married for goodness sake. You loved him. It sounds to me like you fought for your marriage. You tried and loved harder than he did. Sadly, because he shouldn’t have just thrown your marriage away. People don’t take marriage seriously these days. So for you to show up to me makes it looks like you CARE. A real man would have came to the door and spoke for himself angry or not. And for his brother to tell you, being the wife or even ex wife to “Get the hell off the property” is incredibly rude, he must not understand the relationship between a marriage or even a broken one. You are incredible for telling your story! He lost something good and will realize and regret it one day. 💕

  14. moon light

    That guy wasn't a man, he was still a boy. Only men are willing to commit to only one woman. Be thankful he's gone.

  15. loda

    7:02 WTF THAT ORB

  16. Caitxox

    I hate when people say “If your man cheats it’s 100% his fault not the girls” um it depends…if she has no idea yea it’s not her fault. If she KNOWS he has another woman she’s a piece of shit too and a ratchet hoe. I’m sorry girl he sounds like a scumbag. Fuck him.

  17. abing pinkk

    Whts the "C" word?

  18. Nart Tran

    When someone make you that crazy… you know it’s not a healthy relationship. Everyone deserve someone that make us comfortable and loved everyday… just like the vows

  19. Nart Tran

    The phones had a button to make the handset goes off. Girl ! We can always find out ways with these stuff. Leave him and let him know you’re good without them:)

  20. WickedWordzz

    Brings back memories of finding out about my idiot ex and the swine from the club. Never want to go through anything like that ever again. Would rather be alone

  21. Shanti's World

    Woah 😭Yeah sis

  22. Vanessa rosario


  23. Dance Moms Girly!

    karma beauty

  24. Nathan Morgan


  25. Cheryl Wynn

    Love it.

  26. feroza ishna

    Ha ha servers him right 😣

  27. spoly 13

    Fake story for views and $

  28. They need some Holy Water

    need holy water

  29. ZGX

    Who said the guy is miserable he may not have money but obviously loves the other girl so he is probably happy to be with her

  30. Christopher Newman

    I don't pity either of them, either one of the three, which brings me to my theory that if he was dating her sister and she knew about it then took the time for tit for tat letter writing I'll bet the three are spending allot of time together to fight and live out this drama. The whole "I'm not calling you x,y, and z even though you are x,y, and z I'm not going to say that because I'm above it. " routine is so tired.

  31. Aristokitty

    No, his letter didn't almost make me pity him. It just made him seem self centered and obviously a cheater.

  32. Finalbossman0

    So sad, I don't think I can watch Facts Verse anymore. Is anyone with half a brain supposed to think this is real? The fact that this has so many likes makes me worried for the human race.

  33. Anjlyta Tahir

    Oooh that's funny :-))

  34. Rita Don

    His letter does not make the wife sound horrible, but it makes him sound petty. 2 weeks, just two weeks! That dude needs help I swear.

  35. Ayan D A


  36. courtney n.

    context is everything

  37. Shadow Dragon

    What a d**k!

  38. Shadow Dragon

    2:02 it says OUR letter not your letter…

  39. Cynthia Davidson

    I don't care if the story is real or not. This is hilarious.

  40. Choco Manger


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