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Steve Harvey Breaks Down The Stages Of Divorce

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Steve Harvey Breaks Down The Stages Of Divorce

Steve Harvey, Tamar Braxton, Brooke Burke and Julissa Bermudez decide at what stage of separation or divorce it's okay to start dating again.

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Sanam Saeed talks about her divorce for the first time | Desi Tv

Sanam Saeed talks about her divorce for the first time | Desi Tv

Watch Part I http://bit.ly/SanamSaeedPartI
Watch Part II here: http://bit.ly/SanamSaeedPartII

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40 thoughts on “Steve Harvey Breaks Down The Stages Of Divorce

  1. RealTakerslady

    Tamar is probably disagreeing with Julissa because she’s Adrienne’s bestie. No one in the process of divorce should have to put their life on hold, once we say it’s over, it’s over and you can move on.

  2. NAT-AT

    Steve's tie is fly as fuk

  3. Juss Jess

    Tamar is soo dam extra I want her calm down 😒

  4. nick Krystosek

    why are guys getting married in the first place , im just being honest here with the laws the way they are for divorce the guy gets RAN over buy the time it's all said and done half of everything is gone and this does not include if you have kids game over

  5. Khemistry IBMOR

    Steve plays the role of female surrogate very well. Pandering to (black) women is very profitable. Thats one way to get rich. LoL

  6. Rachael Aang

    i love Tamar

  7. beryl maley

    Tamar i just watched this today and watch your interview with wendy last week i smiled

  8. Summer Volz

    What that women in the pink said at the end is true!

  9. Life Is

    When I was in middle school the dark skin black girls were all cool to each other. Then one day a beautiful light skin girl came to our school and the dark ones wanted to fight her. For some reason she reminded me of this. I hope one day all shades will get along and not feel insecure of one another. SMH.

  10. Jasmine Valiente

    My mom filed for divorce with her husband 22 years ago they still not divorced but havnt seen eachother sense she never went through with it because it would cost her too much without his signature and she said she never wnated to be remarried. 🤷‍♀️

  11. Keshun Grantham

    I don't believe in dating someone who's not officially divorced.

  12. Griselda Jaime

    Divorced or separated men/women are going to do what they want to do.

  13. Mr. Mac

    Absolutely Not! He needs at least a year to avoid the rebound relationship.

  14. Navjot Kaur

    I love that pink top

  15. Alan Singer


  16. Rod Pruitt

    If the divorce is not FINAL, there is a chance of reconciliation. So dating a married person is just helping to break up what is not totally broken up. So, that makes you a grimy person and a home wrecker.

  17. spoildchik1

    lol, I forgot that Julissa Bermudez is Adrienne Houghtons (The Real) best friend…. I looove her response at the end

  18. Lucifer’s Cum rag

    The bald one looks like a duck

  19. Rethabile Jelele

    "Why you gotta tear her down on your way out the door"🙌🏼

  20. Shannon dobbs

    YOU TRIED IT!- Tamar😂😂😂

  21. Desi Tv

    Watch the full episode here: http://bit.ly/SanamSaeedPartI

  22. Iqra Rajpoot

    When pakistani actress got fame thay want to get rid of their husbands.this is reason

  23. mashaaal khan

    Look…she is sayng that i ddnt want to regret aftr 10 yrs tgat ohh this teachng these chldren this dubai this marriage…uhh… Aurat aisay b hosakti h???? Ye love marriage thi???? Boyfrnd tha yo theek husband bana to problems… Wooowww…. Pakar lo koi awr boyfrnd, magar shadi na krna is bar… And ur momyz illness is just not a logical reason for takng divorce…u r selfsh.. I actually hate u for now…

  24. adil zaroon

    kiya fazol aurat hai bad message she left apko Allah ne paida hi gar basane ki lye kiya hai

  25. Syeda Maliha Huq

    It's very sad to see that Pakistanis are too quick to judge, worse is that a woman is the biggest enemy of another woman. In this video, she didn't say a single bad thing about her husband in fact she mentioned how unfair she has been to her husband for not being able show that attention or support he requires.

    Marriage does not work for many reasons but that really does not mean that people are going blame her career for that.

    Women have every right to become what they want to be and what the choose to be. If Prophet (PBUH) didn't restrict his wife to continue with her business, who the hell on the world are we to make such judgements?

    Too disappointing!

  26. Syeda Syed

    Mane b bohat honeat ho k apni marry lyf start ki thi but meray husbnd bohat selfiah tha..us k ghar walay bohat gane khelne walay thy..ma bohat toot gaee us k bd..akalay rehna bohat mushkil hai lakin Allah pak sab ko himmat ata karay ameen suma ameen

  27. ola shoyeb

    Reel n real are two different things. She is not a homemaker kinda

  28. Amara Hashmi

    dear Sanam
    i liked your interviee and appriciate what you did for your mother…i lost my mother 14 years back but my mother my father they within me and i am living with the beautiful memories…

  29. Zara Fatima

    Sanam ko bhi kuch bolnay de na mam😀

  30. Sobia Ejaz

    Koji koji

  31. Sobia Ejaz

    Ye ghtia ortain sirf dramy me wife bn skti hain
    R sach me wife bnti hun har roz new person ki

  32. Nazneen Mirza

    bechara shauhar bagair galti k saza mili.ma ka ilaaj karake wapas aa jaati….ek break le leti..breakup ka to koi sense nahi hai.she has been selfish not "strong" ..stress se ye nahi iska shauhar guzra thats it . it was not a forced marriage it was a consent marriage.mazak banaya hai isne apna aur Allah k banae hue rishte ka and it applies to all who did likewise not only her.

  33. Maria Zafar

    I think she is phycho patient

  34. Fathima Malik

    She thinks marriage is not important,only work and money😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  35. Fathima Malik

    Adhe fans ko to iska angrezi interview samhaj ki nahi aya hoga,the host is taking in urdu and she is replying only eng

  36. Fathima Malik

    Her husband was luckyto get divorce now he will get the true loving wife

  37. Sana Ahmed

    Tmlg k liye shadi talaq sab mazak hai… tmlg ki zindagi camera se shuru hoke camera par hi khatam hojati…. Sanam kabi Kashaf nahi hosakti

  38. Jaber Bhai

    Not good decision sanam….u make a big mastake

  39. Fathima Malik

    Urdu serials me kamkarti ho,aur eng ke siva baat nahi karti ur too much angrez

  40. Fathima Malik

    Very dichy, selfish,selfcentered lady she is ,look at aswariya rai,husband and family is important fr her

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