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Home » Divorce » Husband and Wife Want a Divorce but Don’t Want to Sign the Papers | The Jeremy Kyle Show

Husband and Wife Want a Divorce but Don’t Want to Sign the Papers | The Jeremy Kyle Show

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An ex-couple who are still married both want to get divorced, but neither of them wants to sign the papers because of what they say.
Broadcast on 04/07/18

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20 thoughts on “Husband and Wife Want a Divorce but Don’t Want to Sign the Papers | The Jeremy Kyle Show

  1. Jenny Kevin

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  2. Sonia Perry

    I wish people could stop hating Megan they are just jealous stop making things up fake

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    Poor Meghan! Racists won't let her enjoy her marriage.

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    Very disgusting post, exaggerating with a very large magnifying lens, meaningless to the public. A typical waste of resources.

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    Why are they still talking about this when everybody said she did no such thing?

  20. Danette Malone

    Please stop spreading lies!!!!!

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