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Home » Divorce » How to Beat Your Wife in Divorce | Redonkulas.com

How to Beat Your Wife in Divorce | Redonkulas.com

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How to Beat Your Wife in Divorce | Redonkulas.com

The title says it all. This is a step by step manual for keeping your money and leaving your soon to be ex-wife high and dry.

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20 thoughts on “How to Beat Your Wife in Divorce | Redonkulas.com

  1. Darkeklaw

    Never been married. Never going to be married. I'm a tier 2 dude on purpose. One fucked up LTR was all it took

  2. TheBadassPatrol

    I won full custody of my son and raised him on my own for 11yrs he's 17 now and turned out good he has no interests in drugs or alcohol or women Mgtow for life he never has missed his mother she was to scared to take me on because she is a lazy mother.

  3. mad ass

    Oh I thought it was how to beat your wife , dammed , I will watch anyway , go Popp!

  4. Mic Well

    Women have plausible deniability and the courts swallow it whole ……
    Narcissism as “she” is now known, lives in the valley of her own Promiscuity

  5. Wijaya Suryadinata

    Sorry for you dog pops

  6. M J

    Either some of this or ALL of this will happen in your divorce. Go Nuclear. Scorched Earth on her in the courts. She has no incentives to fight fair come divorce time.

  7. Erik Blair

    Have kids, if you want. Just know, if you are not with the mother, you will be paying support. But, do not get married, period!!! You are opening the door to your personal and financial life to the state. Within that system, are vampires who feed off of your divorce. A whole industry built of the common man’s blood.

    Do not get married. In fact, why would you ? In this country, it is probably the worst thing you could do.

  8. Marc Giancola

    Marriage is DEAD ! Anyone who gets Married might as well have their balls cut off.


    Marriage=buying a pizza and only eat a few bites of one slice, and you have to buy more pizzas but you can’t eat them cuz they’re not for you…

  10. Oo Oo

    Watched my brothers go through this shit .. am 42 single , no kids never married & 3 portfolios 🤑🤑🤑#winning🤑

  11. Chump Johnson

    He is totally right about the withdrawals of money and selling of assets. When I found out my wife was cheating I didn’t say a word. I went on like things we all good for 5 months. I wouldn’t have sex or anything. I’d tell her I was stressed about work etc. meanwhile I was cashing in everything I could. I even purposely left some powder that looked like coke wrapped up in some paper for her to find. She later brought that up in court which actually helped me. I was going to local casinos and withdrawing money from ATM’s going to bad parts of town withdrawing more money from ATM’s and renting rooms at hotels that I never even stayed in. On paper it looked like I was the biggest coke head whore chasing man ever. I hid close to $90K and she never knew until it was too late. Once I was done I told her I blew all our savings on drugs and hookers. I acted like I was sorry and needed her help and begged her not to divorce me 😂. The very next day she met with a lawyer and filed. That same day I checked myself into a treatment center (even though I wasn’t doing drugs). I told them I’d been clean for a week but was about to relapse. After a week I left. I took a personal leave of absence from work because of my “drug problem”. I was going to the NA meetings putting up appearances (great place to meet desperate women and get sex) and when we finally got before the magistrate I started balling and crying saying that I learned of her affair and it destroyed me and I spiraled out of control. Hollywood would have given me an award for my performance. The house was in foreclosure and her new car was repossessed and mine was a beater. The magistrate split our debts 50/50 and ordered child support for me to pay. I filed bankruptcy and went on. I sat on the money for 3 years before buying a new car (2017 Camaro SS). I still have plenty left and she lives paycheck to paycheck riding the cock train. I see my kid a few times a week and purposely pick her up in my Camaro each time. We can win the war of divorce but it has to be done with calculation and a pinch of asshole 😂

  12. roottruthseeker

    or….move out of the US and take your shit with you.

  13. roottruthseeker

    chip and dale music!!!!

  14. Greg Fairclough

    Cover your assets, incoming……….

  15. tenshi7angel

    These bitches are terrible…

  16. Boris Epstein

    I wonder if it would also help for the guy to lose regular trackable income as part of the pre-divorce preparation too. This way, he will, officially speaking, be not only lacking in assets but also not earning a massive income.

  17. jondeauxman

    As a divorce lawyer who has gotten many men their children, and one lucky sob alimony all I can say is, instead of giving her at least half, give me 1/4th, and watch me destroy the Charlie Uniform November Tango.

  18. Andrew Shepherd

    It took me two years but I finally won. Lol. Just got my child support lowered to 0 yesterday

  19. micky mcfarts

    Friend of mine caught his wife cheating on the internet. Meeting truck drivers. He saved everything and went to divorce court. They were married for 7 years. He got her to pay him alimony for the whole 7 they were together. WINNING

  20. James Allen

    I never got married. Not because I'm smart (nobody has EVER accused me of being that) but because I was lucky. Oh, I wanted to get married; it just never happened. I will never knock a guy for getting married. Once. But I have no fucks to give for any man who gets married and then divorce-raped and then gets married again. Any man who does that is a fucking, full-blown idiot. Either that, or he has a secret fantasy which involves him living in a cardboard box underneath a bridge. And, yes, down by the river.

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