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Home » Divorce » Gabrielle Union on Dealing with Divorce: High-Powered Fails

Gabrielle Union on Dealing with Divorce: High-Powered Fails

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Gabrielle Union opens up about how her first marriage fell apart, and what it took for her to recover.

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20 thoughts on “Gabrielle Union on Dealing with Divorce: High-Powered Fails

  1. C. Diddy

    Why did she eat the paper tho?

  2. King Boo

    That dude must have been loaded why would she put up with that shit? Or she started seeing other people when she found out he was

  3. Malik Edmond

    Shes soo fine mane the looks she gives gets me all the time

  4. msN fraser

    When will people learn to keep personal business home. Stop airing your dirty laundry then complain about people being in your business. She bragged about eating a*s….. oh please!!!

  5. Debra Denise Vinson

    Joy,Peace and Grace😀 AWESOME

  6. Dela Obimpe


  7. Domingos Sala

    Please not try it,i know that is f.fake

  8. Blessed Mrs V

    And got into another horrible marriage. Yeah, great job.

  9. Tony Chessnuts

    Dwyane Wade will Divorce her once go into her 50s. She is 10 years older then him. That relationship is only for the present when he gets to be her age he will look for someone younger to cheat with

  10. whoknew

    I can definantly respect her transparency. She is alright in my book. 😁👍

  11. Neicy Nunnery

    Um but u men want to say us women not loyal…u full of bs !!! The main ones no good.

  12. Gary Alexander

    Hey imitation crab would have been on one of my favorite things to do I was just really good

  13. Charles Nelson

    They were a boring couple to me anyway

  14. Nadia Louis

    That was so good! Love how real she is!

  15. Sir Smiles

    Wait..she finds out about this greek girl then marries him anyway? hold on..wat?

  16. Lucky Sakonta

    I just adore Gabrielle, a beautiful sister indded💝

  17. Stacy Robinson

    So she expect Dwayne to be more faithful than her prior husband?

  18. Michelle Lee

    Just had to eat that paper😂😂

  19. Es S

    Is she divorcing Dwayne?

  20. Cesar S

    And then she married Wade? Who most likely definitely cheats?

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