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Home » Divorce » Fortnite Cited in 5% of UK Divorces | Finland Loot-box Investigation | Tomb Raider Struggles & MORE

Fortnite Cited in 5% of UK Divorces | Finland Loot-box Investigation | Tomb Raider Struggles & MORE

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Fortnite is a growing reason behind couples getting divorced, apparently. Shadow of the Tomb Raider fails to topple Spider-Man’s top spot in the UK. Finland become the latest country to tackle loot-boxes in games. And soon, you’ll be able to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on the Switch...as long as you have the cloud...and live in Japan.

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News Stories

Fortnite Causes Divorces

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Fails to Beat Spider-Man’s Launch Sales

Finland Vs Loot-Boxes
https://www.hs.fi/nyt/art-2000005827320.html (Finnish)

Nintendo Will Bring Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to the Switch via the Cloud

News Nuggets

Undertale Coming to Switch
The Escapists: Complete Edition Coming to Switch
Spider-Man Gets a “Positive Reviews” Trailer
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Goes Gold https://twitter.com/assassinscreed/status/1040631308215635968
Let It Die Comes to PC
Boundless Leaves Early Access
Nintendo Switch Online Subscription NOT Needed to Play Fortnite
Fallout 4: New Vegas Gets 10-Minute Gameplay Trailer
“Playstation” is 3rd Most Recognised Brand in UK


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What can you expect when involved in divorce proceedings with a narcissist?
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40 thoughts on “Fortnite Cited in 5% of UK Divorces | Finland Loot-box Investigation | Tomb Raider Struggles & MORE

  1. Monogtra Etregmen

    Am I the only one who doesn't find Tomb Raider as a AAA game worth paying $60 for?

  2. Travelling Gamer

    Playstation is number three when it comes to most recognizable brands. Cool.
    But what was this Xbox thing you were talking about?

    Not feeling this whole streaming thing though. What if you are going to need subscriptions to every publisher out there to play their games?

  3. Jeremy Gibbs

    Wheres the tall guy?

  4. CottonFly

    Don't like seeing you present on your own all the time, Gazzy. Where is that girl that was supposed to join PGG???
    Bloody shame Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is not doing so well, because it is a phenomenal game. Best in the trilogy by a mile! So I believe it is absolutely down to piss-poor marketing.

  5. Lulba

    i want to know who in the office listens to kano enough to put him on the pretty good alarm. My money's on lewis

  6. Mysterious COMMENT

    How can a game result in divorce wtf there’s definitely underlined problems in those relationships seriously I take this seriously 😅😅😅

  7. Jonny Woodbeast

    Nuggi nuggi nuggi!!!

  8. Buzz Buzz

    I have an idea, let's ban Fortnite

  9. Grim Monolith

    Spawn wave media is better

  10. Raven Nyte

    UK sales chart is a waste of space, Tomb Raider is on PC, won't sell a single physical copy on PC.

  11. star lord

    This Is the shittest game ever made, what does that make their marriages? Shitter than shit

  12. Elijah A

    Its not the game its the idiots who play it

  13. yudhi adhyatmiko siswono

    Seriously, did mainstream news trying to vilified gamers again ?
    It is not games fault if you had shitty marriage.

  14. Sora Fora

    "In ten years time you could be playing [latest game] on your [underpowered handheld]" Yeah, and ten years after that when the servers shutdown or the company is bought out you'll be miffed you can't play those games anymore.

    You might not think you'll get nostalgic for the games of today, but give it ten or twenty years and you'll wish you could jump back into some of them and find they're not available. The only way to 100% guarantee you have access is if the game is on physical disk/cartridge/memory-stick and you kept your copy safe. Any time you entrust the responsibility with safekeeping the game to the publisher on their servers you run the risk of them shutting down or being bought out, and losing access. They may even simply update their game into something you won't even recognise anymore, as demonstrated with the games where they retroactively added lootboxes years after release or the games that were completely redesigned because of a vocal minority that hated it as it was on release. The vocal minority aren't always right.

    "What can I do though?"
    Stop buying digital (or streaming/renting the games), and demand "game of the year editions" for all those later updates/dlcs to be included in a "complete edition" – then at least you'll still have the vanilla version to play whenever you like, and a "complete edition" that is the last time the game was (and ever will be) updated. You all have twitter etc now and almost direct access to devs/publishers (or their reps at least) so use that to voice your opinion and let them know, "no physical, no sale" "GameOfTheYear-edition or GTFO" (just pick your own hashtags lol).

    Trust me, one day you too will be a grumpy old person who every now and then wants to escape into the nostalgia of your teens/childhood/young-adulthood. You can't always count on the companies being around to make a remake like Crash Bandicoot/Spyro. Those are the exceptions, not the rule where these things are concerned.

  15. VF2blaze

    Cloud Gaming? the future? i dont think so, the cost of having to build a $3000 PC for millions of people to play on max graphics is unreal. Paying levels of subscription for better graphics is not an idea i personally like. Itll only be a niche thing. If they are gonna force this cloud service for new games, its most likely to just prevent pirates from cracking the games.

  16. J Biafra

    How come they never include digital sales? That must be easy to look up, its obviously all digital registrated. That must only be a few clicks away for the people maintaining the digital stores. So,…whats the deal with that, masking revenue?

  17. Keano1981

    This was one of the first times you could get a digital game (Tomb Raider) cheaper as a digital download than on a disc (UK)… that may go some way to explaining the lacklustre performance

  18. WeeFatRab

    Cant wait to see the Jeremy Kyle episode of dole scroungers’ relationships breaking down cos of fortnite

  19. D D

    Streaming game services will never be successful. Ouya anyone ???

  20. Harvey Nash

    The cloud based future of gaming is going to have massive detrimental effects on the industry, just look at Music & TV…

  21. Sally Shiner

    HG.. have you ever taken Ecstasy and if so, what was the effect on you? Being it is a “love” drug… I wonder how it would interact with the way your brain functions. Very interested to know what the experience is like for you.

  22. Alberta Hummel

    These videos are right on…😂

  23. Dr yasser

    It is more complicated than what you have already mentioned although you did a great job you forgot. To mention about the psychological games from and evolutionary prospective communicate through images time traveling theme.gaslighting. Programming the subcontious . Social media triangular.
    Planting seeds using everything around to crest a story from nothing

  24. Lovely One038

    Wow… I’m going thru all of this now with my soon to be ex husband narc!

  25. Kelli Adkins Faine

    What if the primary source is so jealous of me (now ex wife) and HE was procrastinating filing for divorce, forced HIM to file and even paid for it. I refused…..I did not ask to be devalued and discarded and replaced by a homewrecking whore. Even the afternoon after the divorce HE chased me down, begging for me to talk to him. But I ignored. 11days later he married her on my birthday. This past Sunday he hoovered me for the first time since the week before our divorce back in April. He claimed to be miserable and homesick. SHE is needy and clingy. She knew about me and he is her 6 th husband. Her fourth and fifth both left their wives and children for her.

  26. Lecia Forster

    Are you competitive in nature? Do you feel usurped in any way by the success of Trump?

  27. Christine Wallace

    The entire list is extremely adequate!

  28. Robyn P

    Thank YOU AGAIN for sharing your dirty little secrets! She isn't entitled to any of his property and I'm living in it AMEN!

  29. Sara Jensen

    Quite telling

  30. MegaEnglishSpeaker

    Greetings HG,
    How does one contact you to ask a personal and fairly intricate question regarding an ex-narcissistic partner?

  31. goat man

    Hello everyone in the comments

  32. Electric Weirdo

    Precise…. down to the restraining order on trumped up bullshit….wow unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!

  33. This Is Not Happening

    Mine literally divorced me, trashed me beyond words to his family. Yet, he literally still speaks to me daily and gets offended that I don't want to hang out with the dogs that used to belong to both of us. Because he did so much damage to my reputation I went from primary supply to a secret. His new supply/"soulmate" didn't pan out as he'd hoped. Now his "conflicted". My heart hasn't caught up to my brain yet but I'm working diligently on that.

  34. Dolores Bussiere

    Sick SOBS. Miserable Creatures. Your kind really think you are something. All you are is Scum. HELL is where you belong. Ex narc has been a real piece of shit. He is the one that left. He was living a double life for years. May 2017 he said he would start divorce procedures soon, another of his frickin lies. He hasn't started anything. I wish he would. I'm ready to sign papers. I know it is all part of his controlling. In this case he has a history of fraud, time spent in jail, lies manipulation, cheating, caused companies to go bankrupt he doesn't want all that to come out which he knows it will. Your kind cannot control everything. Eventuality things will catch up. He walks around like he has done nothing wrong. F that shit.

  35. J. T.

    I didn't divorce him. Divorce was far TOO GOOD for him. I annulled him, and I made sure to expose him in the complaint. So, if anyone ever looks at the complaint they will see what a low life he was, how he failed to contribute financially, how he was abusive, how he had slept with a very close family member and lied about it prior to our relationship, and a host of other goodies drawing out how loathsome this lesser was. I even used logic against him to get him to sign the papers. He had threatened to do so, so I told him if he was any kind of a man he would keep his word and do that, and he did. Did I think he was a man for doing so? Hell no, but he did sign the papers didn't he? I love that it was an annulment. He never deserved to be married to a good woman like me so it only makes sense that the marriage be nullified. He signed on the basis of mutual mistake though it was fraud. Still, my mistake for getting involved with somebody so less worthy. His mistake thinking that he could keep me. Annulments are beautiful! It totally did away with the possibility of him even thinking about requesting alimony or trying to touch any part of my home or business that I owned long prior to becoming involved with him. He's already on to his next victim, so I don't know if she will be smart enough to get an annulment. Me? Still very happily annulled!!!!!

  36. Holographic Multiverse

    Yep. Been there. A few times. Lost millions and almost my life. Marriage is stupid and dangerous. Actually relationships are too. Thank you for this video! I’m going to play it for anyone pondering marriage.

  37. MB B

    Thank you, welcome to my world..

  38. run with the wind

    HG, thank you for helping me understand.
    Accurate and precise
    My compliments

  39. Zakiyah

    That’s if you can get the wanker to divorce you.

  40. Theinsomniac826

    Holy shit! This is insane.

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