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Faites entrer l’accusé – Divorce à la sicilienne

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Faites entrer l'accusé <a  href=- Divorce à la sicilienne" src="https://www.affordabledivorceattorney.site/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/default.jpg" />

Faites entrer l'accusé - Divorce à la sicilienne
En 1999, Joseph Trupia a été assassiné devant chez lui à Sardieu, en Isère, en plein jour, sous les yeux de son fils de 14 ans, de six balles en pleine poitrine alors qu'il était au volant de sa voiture. En plongeant dans la vie de la victime, les enquêteurs découvrent que Joseph Trupia s'était fait un nom dans le milieu italo-grenoblois. Comme de nombreux siciliens, il avait quitté son île dans les années 1960, persuadé de trouver à Grenoble et ses environs l'Eldorado dont il rêvait. Trupia, lui, donnait dans le proxénétisme et avait même mis la mère de ses enfants sur le trottoir. Tandis que les gendarmes se lancent à la quête du tueur dans le «Little Italy» de Grenoble, ses enfants suivent quant à eux la piste du crime passionnel.

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I get all sorts of reactions when people find out that I am divorced. What they don't know is that I wouldn't have it any other way.

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20 thoughts on “Faites entrer l’accusé – Divorce à la sicilienne

  1. You Too


  2. schallrd1

    The ring went from her finger to her nose. End of story.

  3. Tolete Juan

    I don't want a woman like this nesr me… ufffff… men don't get married.

    God loves you ex.

  4. GSXR

    Who filed?

  5. Mmaguy13

    whatever you got a divorce Jesus says if you remarry its adultery so have a nice single life or have a nice eternity in hell no adulterer will enter heaven. Girls if you get married Christ says its for life so really think before you enter a marriage covenant

  6. Scallza

    Prob took a dick in costa rica

  7. Shane Sambo

    Wat a fucktart. U get a downvote cuz i dont want to hear from a dumb cunt like u again

  8. Catweasle

    Just read SurfingBullDog's rundown. Thank you. I didn't want to get into the conversations regarding your posts. To all others, read his post before you listen to this clip.

  9. Chester Sykes

    I'm happily married and have 3 great kids. Recently, I noticed that a lot of my mates at work are getting divorced. I naturally offered my understanding and was surprised by the responses: 'it was for the best', 'marriage is hard work', 'I'm enjoying the freedom' etc. It got me thinking, my wife is fine, but may be marriage is not a good thing. My co-workers seem happier than me. They invited me to a golf function last weekend but I couldn't go since I had kids soccer all afternoon. These guys have the kids every other weekend so the guys have free weekends every other week. I'll be honest I'm considering getting a divorce. The only problem is I love my wife and adore the kids, but I do get tired a lot and my wife does occasionally complain, and she sometimes forgets stuff (e.g. the mail, her keys etc). It's not a enough to get a divorce over, so I was thinking of just filing papers and going the 'no fault' route. I know my parents will be disappointed, but then they're married and don't realise how unhappy they probably are. I prayed about it but have seen no obvious signs from God, aside from the odd magpie but then I'm not that superstitious. Kudos for sharing on this tough topic – I appreciate it.

  10. Craig Smith

    Omg!!!! This is exactly my situation right now except I’ve been married for 12 years and have a son and step grandson (it’s a long story) and I just want to say thank you for making this video because my wife makes me feel like I’m wrong for wanting this to end and thinking we’re not right for each other but I feel she only stays with me is because she wants to save face for her church friends and her family, but she loves me for my potential self and that goes back to when I was 21 and in 33 now and I haven’t turned into that man she wanted me to and she’s just holding out for me to be him anyway and everyday that I’m not we fight over it! Anyway, thank you again for making this video because it’s really helping me right now!

  11. Kalvin Labuik

    No surprise surprise happy being divorce She would not lose anything women lose in a divorce it is a win win with divorce she gets a house 1/2 of everything his wage thank christ they didn't fuck up a young innocent they didn't have a baby thank God

  12. Young Victor

    I feel bad for him thatll get his life destroyed and lose his resources just because she cheated on him while in Costa Rica.

  13. luna

    Wait a minute, you think when its winter here it's summer in costa Rica?

  14. Arc Mas

    The modern woman is based upon chemical sterilization and pregnancy termination, instead of having kids and starting a family. Splains it all….

  15. Crypto G

    I loved my wife's ambitions…I sacrificed a ton for that. She spent 6 years of our marriage going for broke. Or relationship has never been more solid.

  16. Maria Borisa

    This thing has never been a marriage material. She is definitely a hipster and the guy was probably family oriented.

  17. Ben Paxton

    He probably left your fat ass.

  18. Ben Paxton

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for you, bitch?

  19. Ken Rose

    Honestly, that’s not stupid at all. I know fornication may not seem like a big deal due to our more relax stance in our society and the mainstream media. It’s important to note however, the high rates of divorce and somewhat dehumanizing nature of both men and women in their relationships.

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