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Video Transcript

hey I know your pain I was feeling the same way not long ago I’m here to help you in the following minutes I’ll show you how I was able to transform my life watch this closely and thank me after that yeah so today we’re going to do what is the most common family cue we’re going to have a trial involving the fight by by Tom Tom who is the executor of the estate of his on and they on has died mark mary has died leaving some property and leaving the will the divided things equally among the four nieces and nephews for the brother and the three sisters but the fight is between between Tom and Kathy Kathy was one of the nieces who late in the life of Mary and it varies request moved into our house issues living by herself and helped her out it’s gonna became the the joint owner on one of the bank accounts and now Kathy have been in legally is in joint owner of the bank accountant when Barry died happy got the money and accept that now tom is suing Kathy and saying that that really shouldn’t have happened and you’re gonna see that trial now at the end of the at the end of the trial you are so you’ve all got your balance I think in your packets and at the end of the trial you’re gonna you’re going to vote on this because you are the jury I get to be the judge and just in just to let you know I mean with the kind of rule of thumb with the lawyers as they’re both peaceful is everybody pays more attention when there’s money on the table so the deal is that um whoever if somebody here loses the trial if one of the lawyers loses and the split is greater than seventy percent seventy thirty then the lawyers the loser buys the winner and of course we never mr. Grafton in empty if the if the ballot split is between is within seventy terms of somebody beats somebody by less than seventy thirty then I buy dinner for everyone now this is our third trial and interestingly one of the one of the fees actually has to buy the other and me dinner at Khloe’s and Hudson that was our Hudson trial and then I have to buy dinner at ellora in Marlborough that was our Malraux trial so when I’m looking forward think tie boat this is my goal it was kind of a tie-up so without that cool right click the link in the description for pricing ratings and reviews

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