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Do You Really Qualify for Divorce? | Michelle Rozen | TEDxNSU

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Divorce is an epidemic and it may be contagious. Too often couples don’t take the time necessary to determine if divorce is the right option. But there is a research-based approach that offers couples the time, insight, and tools to empower them to better assess their unique situations based on a series of applicable questions. For mediators, guiding couples through a constructive evaluation of their relationship for a period of six months can offer them the time needed to make an educated decision and potentially avoid divorce.

An NSU alumna, Michelle Rozen, Ph.D., researches, teaches, and practices mediation and conflict resolution through her divorce and family mediation services organization based in New York and New Jersey. She specializes in conflict management and proactive and productive communications. Rozen is also the author of The Effective Mediation and a writer for the Huffington Post. She helps divorcing couples remedy their unique and varied situations and works with corporations of various types and sizes. Rozen’s mission is to help individuals, teams, and organizations diffuse conflicts and encourage conversation, strengthen team dynamics, and inspire superior performance. Her goal is to help clients discover the underlying potential for growth in every conflict-oriented situation, adapt, and make changes accordingly. Rozen holds a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and an M.S. in Family Therapy, both from Nova Southeastern University.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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20 thoughts on “Do You Really Qualify for Divorce? | Michelle Rozen | TEDxNSU

  1. Stefan Minkey

    If you marry, you qualify. Don't get married.

  2. Sanja Sanjic

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  3. Stefanius Paralvicius

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  4. Clem Johnson

    Thank you

  5. Michael Alvarez

    Not married.. never been. Just a few friends and I happened to stumble on this. This was very engaging and gave us more perspective on this topic. A topic we probably will never touch upon.

  6. Ghetto Queen

    It seems that the reason divorce is so "contagious" is because if someone sees someone else doing it, perhaps they muster up the courage to get out of their own messed up marriage. It shows them that they're not stuck, and it's possible to leave. Of course we all can overreact to certain things and maybe jump the gun too quickly, but I feel that most people stay in unhappy marriages because they feel it's too hard to get out. Of course if children and other assets are involved, people may choose to stay to get the kids raised, which is a good sacrifice (sometimes) for the kids, but we have way too many people in unhappy marriages that are locked by fear.

  7. TheQueerMusketeers

    its not easy and quick when you've been together for 25 years and youve got two kids

  8. like,share and subscribe

    You will get a divorce if you think it is an option. Period

  9. bluemountain555

    Please….don't divorce. That's the worst of the worst that a person can ever do.

  10. John Dough

    she needs to workout her muffin top is bouncing out from that dress

  11. Steve Zanadon

    Men are like Bluetooth connection, when you're beside us, we stay connected, when you're away, we search for new devices…

  12. alonso Figueroa

    Do You Really Qualify for Marriage?

  13. Maharaj of MGTOW

    Men….dont get married.

  14. Janelle Etsitty

    Don't get Married – Yes, buy a house/cars, raise a family, work and motivate each other; money saved not having an extravagant wedding and or on Divorce if the relationship goes sour. No qualifications required.

  15. Sagans Run

    I know of a man who needs a divorce. His wife of over 45 yrs is so hateful and demanding her behavior is killing him with stress. He can't afford to divorce her because he is retired and she is in bad Health. So he has to wait for her to die to be rid of her.

  16. Claire Dy

    Not unless you get bruises in your face and body from the person you are married to.

  17. Being A Happy Mom

    There are many couples who remain married how come its not as contagious as divorce? Sorry that theory does not make sense to me. Divorce is a personal choice no one needs any qualification to be divorced but one definitely need to be qualified for marriage and not many couples discuss this matter because usually feelings of love, desire and distorted expectations of a fairy tale ending tend to overtake rational thinking of couples who decided to get married.

  18. T H

    By that analogy it would also mean that to marry or have children we should also need to qualify which I agree with. Every person I know who has divorced spent years (and often a lot of time/money by both parties) trying to make it work or recover from a trauma or infidelity. I agree to do the work but also be brave enough to face the truth in either option.

  19. A New Love Official

    Thinking about having a divorce immediately is really a bad idea and it doesn't solve the problem instead it makes the relationship more complicated. Best thing to do is seek for advice and don't rush things always remember where and how did your relationship start.

  20. the dude

    I might get divorced if i ever run into Michelle…looks great in that dress.

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