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Divorce | Why.

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Divorce | Why.

Thank you, Lily (http://youtube.com/CupCakeCoverTops) for giving me the love and strength to make this video. Here was her video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNaWT2BBFY0 I am sorry that I am such a mess in it and it's all over the place. This is the main (yet only two of the many reasons for my divorce (for example it doesn't include his girlfriend, the money he stole from us, ALL of the lies, oh the list goes on)). It was VERY spur of the moment but has been on my mind for quite some time. Hopefully some more refined videos will be up next (-;

The point of this video is to share my story. I have my experience to offer and hopefully I can help someone with it. I NEVER planned to make this video. I was hoping that he would change and it would be a point of time that was simply passed by. But with 3.5. years under my belt with it, it's becoming clear that it's not changing. MAYBE this video will help him if he sees it. I could only hope. In the meantime becoming an advocate for other people in this situation may be the best (my boys included… they've seen first hand the effects. My hope is that they can help others too).

Sending all of my love!

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40 thoughts on “Divorce | Why.

  1. Daniel Loveall

    Wow didn't realize it was 3 years ago but the sentiment still goes the same as today just take care of yourself and the kids and keep your head up held up high I'm sure things are getting better now

  2. Daniel Loveall

    Hey Candidmomy just heard part of you story God Bless you keep you head held High it will get Better but Most important take care of the Kids

  3. andrew smith

    Good on u for sharing it'll help loads of peeps.. such a beautiful lady u are his loss not yours xx

  4. Steve Elder

    On our 10th anniversary I took my wife out for a nice dinner and after dinner while I was waiting for the check I slid a ring box across the table with a New much upgraded wedding ring. The people around ask what was going on as they thought I was proposing. They all started clapping and it was a nice moment.
    On our way home from the restaurant she looked at me and said. I hope your not expecting anything tonight just because you bought me a ring!
    When we got home I let her get out first and then I backed up the car and drove over to the beach for a few hours.
    When I came in I slept on the couch the next morning life went on like nothing happened.
    That was my 10th anniversary.

  5. Muhammad Faisal

    She has now find another dick and ex was divorced by her because he was simply not enough utility for her…i hope your sons get wife like you so they can feelpain of their father … fuck off lady….Its nothing but gud acting to defame him …. all men go for MGTOW

  6. adolf3967


  7. Manav Singh

    I don't know how I reached on this video. I'm only 19 years old and have no desire to marry ever.

    Still I wish you lots of strength. Sending love.

  8. peter ruiz

    Definitely a sad story. Im married 24 years. But. All I watch on YouTube is

    Lionel messi highlights
    Fifa tips
    Grizzly bear v……..
    Blooper reels
    Fast dogs
    Lions v…….
    Car stuff

    Not sure how I got this on my feed. Yet I watched it all. Sorry miss. Hope it works out for you.

  9. Brandt Mcwhorter

    Hope your family is ok and I hope the kids dad get involved with a 12 step program.. good luck 👍

  10. Black Snow

    Where did the ancient dirty laundry come from?? Why is this even in my feed?!?!??!?!?!?!

  11. MrDaymee

    Thank you sharing your story. Meth is a demon. It destroys everything around the person and the end goal is to own that person who then becomes the slave to the demon. When people start using meth, the thrill of the high baits them into returning for more. The sex during a meth high is exponentially intense. That’s why once users are hooked, they’re almost certainly staring down a giant black hole. I see this happen to so many couples, families and the people I treat. The effects are devastating. Don’t for a minute question yourself. You had no chance of saving your marriage and it wasn’t your fault. You can try help someone but you can only go as far as they let you. Take care of yourself and children.

  12. Cristiang Gutierrez

    Everyone is a victim

  13. blackburn9

    This is a valuable lesson for gentlemen considering a MGTOW philosophy. You will notice that, as usual, we are getting an entirely one-sided version of events. This is quite commonplace. Typically western women will present an extremely demonizing portrait of her husband. Whatever his faults, remember, we are never allowed to hear his side.You will also notice that this western woman, like many, represents herself as the ultimate paragon of human virtue, innocence and infallibility. When watching videos like this, keep in mind, as in almost every case, the narrative features the elongated and growing suspicions, suspect behavior from the husband, unquestioned trust that will be later broken as well as the an alternate lifestyle of specious money issues. Gentlemen, it is necessary to watch such videos to help understand how many western women shape a version of events as though it should be taken on complete faith.

    Men suffer issues of which the paradigm of many relationships with most western women cannot empathize. He suffers in silence, and is immediately discarded if he cannot return to HER ideal of what his entire life must be. If he suffered depression, she probably didn't care. So, again notice that how there is only one demonizing image she presents of her husband.

  14. ch bodazaphfa

    Remember….she chose him with all his faults. That’s a direct reflection on her.

  15. crazy bear

    marriage is over rated only weak people need to be in loved and need to be loved

  16. joshua bapp

    Everyone always is a victim. I bet his side he is a victim too

  17. E Nel

    Ladies and gentlemen this is more proof that marriage is an archaic institution and should be avoided. There is nothing gained in marriage that you cannot get without marriage. It just chains you to another person.

  18. Ron Garvin

    Marriage is a suckers bet for men today. Men should never EVER marry. The juice aint worth the squeeze fellas.

  19. Ron Garvin

    Ive never EVER met a woman who after a divorce accurately tells the story. If you speak to her ex you would hear a completely different story

  20. Matt P

    2 sides to every story

  21. Ali Pali

    Ergh nasty women…. spiteful (the housewives)

  22. ThatGirlA

    Part of this show is drawing from personal experiences. I don’t understand why some of you are so upset because Megan is doing that. Whoopi and sunny also did it, so if you’re mad she’s drawing from personal experience then you should be mad at them also.

  23. Rich

    self entitled women whining about other self entitled women…PERFECT

  24. Michael K.

    The utter vitriol that baby RINO McCain has for Joyless Blowhard every time she opens her mouth is palpable.

  25. J Bee

    Whoops knows whats up

  26. Ladessia Gardner

    Divorce is like a death to the person who didn't want it.

  27. Natasha N

    Omg I actually teared up when Meghan was talking about watching someone you love die. It's horrible.

  28. Natasha N

    Death is so much worse. This is not even a debate. There are no second chances after death. It is so final.

  29. SYE M

    These women do know anything about anything.

  30. Prettyflyforawhitegirl

    When my pop died… My step nan.. was lost it seems.. I feel like she felt guilty for having moments of happiness.. She's a millionaire… Never have I seen someone so rich look so poor.

  31. james hendry

    divorce is an end, death is never again

  32. talkindurinthemovie

    I love how u petty people are calling megan…MeAgain

  33. D Leo

    Sonja was a hostess gold digger when she met her ex. She MISSES THE LIFESTYLE not her old wrinkly saggy scrotum hubby! Bye! 1st world problems when you equate divorce with the soul crushing life altering finality of DEATH. Choice vs…. IF THE WORST THING IN YOUR LIFE IS GOING THROUGH A TOUGH DIVORCE, THEN CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY. I speak to all those people who's loved ones have died from terrible disease, murder, rape, abductions, 9-11, car crashes, etc… Who had no choice, no lawyer visits, no chance to talk to the kids to tell them in advance, no court room meetings, no seeing them when picking up the kids… no therapy sessions. etc. Divorce is tough… but everyone I have ever met talks about how hard the divorce was at first, and in the middle of it, the short term of it, but years later it's like a distant memory. Like the pain of child birth…. THE LONG TERM EFFECTS – When losing someone to death, is a sore wound in the heart that goes on and on until you meet again….

  34. Laurie R.

    The death of a spouse and a divorce aren't the same, but many people view divorce as the death of a marriage and that's where the comparison might come it.

  35. Laurie R.

    Dorinda rashed on Sonja, and it was well deserved 👏😂

  36. Johanne E.

    Dorinda was dead wrong. You can't compate tragedies, it never works. I never heard Sonja compare the two until Dorinda told her to get over her divorce and minimize her pain.

  37. William French

    My partner died 3 years ago. There is no comparison.

  38. JoJo Pemb

    Everything and anything is "primal" to Me-Again 🙄

  39. Israël Âme

    I hate Meghan

  40. R Navs

    Whoopi SHOULD NOT be telling other people that one is less painful than the other. Each person has different experiences. It depends on the person.

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