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Divorce Lawyers Give Relationship Advice | Glamour

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It's estimated that about half of marriages end in divorce. Why are so many people getting divorced, and how can you prevent splitting up with your spouse? We asked four divorce lawyers what they've learned in their practice on how to keep your marriage alive.

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Divorce Lawyers Give Relationship Advice | Glamour

PRINCESS Diana and Sarah Ferguson formed a “divorce pact” to end their unhappy marriages, but the Princess of Wales later broke the agreement with her close friend, according to explosive royal claims.

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20 thoughts on “Divorce Lawyers Give Relationship Advice | Glamour

  1. Mary Thompson

    Divorce attorney gives relationship advice – I’d tell you not to get married if my job didn’t rely on it

  2. Kate Huddington

    A lot of what they're saying is common sense really…

  3. enigma mist

    I am going to die alone

  4. vietimports

    the institution of marriage is dying in america. young adults are less inclined to get married and more inclined to pursue happiness or their career.

  5. Some Other Dude

    None of these points even remotely approach revelation status. This is all basic, basic stuff. Now realize that based on what these lawyers see every day, they thought it necessary to say what they said! That is unbelievably depressing.

  6. Numeric Bin

    Don't get married. Especially in this current legal environment where the woman has every incentive to take you to the cleaners until your blood is dry.

    Stop it, don't get married, don't cohabitate. Just get in a relationship and everyone in his own place if you want to go that road.

  7. Ralf Hulsker

    this video could be 2 seconds long "Don't get married." "please comment and subscribe"

  8. Anakin Skywalker

    Can't people just be together and not need to be married? At 25 I can't really fathom what spending the next 50+ years with someone I've only known a few years would be like. To be honest if rather take each day as it comes and just because it doesn't last forever doesn't mean it's not love.

  9. Gizmo fromPizmo

    Um, isn't the fifty percent based on the divorce rates of people who already got a divorce? So, second and third marriages?

  10. Austin Boyd

    Business must be down for these folks to be running an ad for "Get married."

  11. Natasel

    Its like a Cardiac Surgeon giving diet advice.

  12. Grenherb

    simple, don't marry a american.

  13. John Pentony

    Married 16 years. Waited til late 30s to get married. Every wedding I've ever been I knew which ones would get divorced. The more expensive the wedding, the sooner the divorce. And the more drama.

  14. 3star2nr

    I'm not seeing the upside to marriage

  15. MidnightFlower13

    They said all common sense stuff that not a lot of common people have sense about.

  16. Ovidiu Claudiu Moldovan

    My fiance while watching this: "The guy in the blue suit has one thumb bigger than the other!"

  17. Kelley Broussard Mackaig

    Choose wisely, and treat kindly. Problem = solved.

  18. Logical Logic

    According to Jordan Peterson, it is mainly women who instigate divorce proceedings yet listening to this you'd think it's men. Reverse sexism here.

  19. RamboBear Ron

    the 53% number accounts for multiple marriages. 75%+ of people who get married, stay married to their first spouse.

  20. Ian Meadows

    My parents were married up to for nearly thirty years, but just at the end of my senior year they got divorced. I guess one on the outside said it was bound to happened given that my father is the go go go type who’s the main breadwinner of the family but isn’t really one to show his emotions on some rare accounts (sometimes mostly under the bottle) and then my mom she’s a caring person but I also recently learned her emotional nature was due to her bipolar medication that had her progressing well but sometimes hasn’t recently as she’s taking care of my brother who has PTSD and bipolar himself. Her disorder is probably why she divorced him as there was this one incidence where she said she loved my had when she had an emotional breakdown and we confronted her and other where she also had a tantrum where she threw all the stuff in the medicine cabinet in front of the living room and kitchen yelling that she couldn’t wait to get a divorce.

    Now that I’m almost going to be 19 next month in my year of college I wonder I find someone who has all together in the head. Because after learning the underlying of what my parents 30 year marriage was like I just wouldn’t want the cycle to continue. They (my brother and Mom) said some horrible things that I couldn’t imagine coming out of my family’s mouths and even though they are just words that they most likely won’t remember half (due to it usually it being mania) the time it still hurts. I’m already insecure and I don’t want anyone to make me feel worse about myself.

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